It’s a 65-year-old mystery that finds its solution. On Wednesday, November 30, the American authorities announced that they had identified “the boy in the box”, a boy of about five years old found dead in February 1957 on the edge of a road in Philadelphia. “Philadelphia police sources confirm they have identified the 1957 murder victim known as the ‘boy in the box,'” investigative reporter Joe Holden tweeted. next week.”

For now, the found identity of the little boy has not yet been revealed to the general public. According to CBS News, it was discovered using DNA sequencing techniques. The boy’s body, which had been resting at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia since 1998, was exhumed in 2019 to allow investigators to compare new DNA samples to new genealogical databases.

“To see a name on this stone is what everyone has always wanted”

In Philadelphia, the news of the identification of the “boy in the box” caused a lot of emotion. Upon learning of it, some Ivy Hill Cemetery employees even let a few tears flow, reports CBS News. “To see a name on this stone is what everyone has always wanted, confides one of them, Linda Tamburri. I am just happy to be here and to know that I will see the name of that little boy on that stone.” “I think it’s wonderful,” adds Dave Drysdale, secretary at the Philadelphia Cemetery. once said, ‘I hope to live long enough to see a name on this.'”

Also according to CBS News, criminal proceedings could be initiated following the identification of the little boy.

Case of the boy in the box: this infamous child identified 65 years after his murder

Reconstruction of the face of the “boy in the box”. © Philadelphia Police

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