An extremely complicated end of the year … On December 27, 2016, Carrie Fisher, star of the Star Wars saga, died of a heart attack. When she had just learned of her mother’s death, it was the next day that Billie Lourd discovered that her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, had died of a stroke. Five years later, it was at the age of 29 that Billie Lourd agreed to speak about the deaths of the two most important women in her life. A guest on the New Day podcast, she said, “It was brutal. It was really, really brutal, and I’m still hesitating and stuttering because it’s really hard for me. say turns into a headline I didn’t want. There’s this one where I said something, and it was like three months after he died. I didn’t know what was going on. And j ‘Said something like,’ Well, now that they’re gone, I’m just becoming Billie. ‘”

Coming from a famous family, Billie Lourd explained that she “came out of the shadows” of her mother and grandmother, but that she “did not want to come out of that shadow.” She revealed, “It was like I wanted them to die, and it’s absolutely the opposite of what I wanted. I would do anything to get them back, but I felt like I was doing it. be delighted to have the ‘Billie Show’. ” Assuring that he missed her mother every day, the American Horror Story star explained, “She was the funniest, funniest person ever. She was my best friend ever. will never be as funny as she is. She was just … She’s amazing. ” While for a long time the actress wanted people not to associate her with them, she added, “I guess I just tried to part with them while they were alive and now I I feel like I’m sort of trying to do the opposite. I try to connect with them because I miss them. “

Billie Lourd: “I grew up very quickly because I was her best friend”

Became a mother to a little boy a year ago, Billie Lourd assured that her mother had influenced her own parenting style. “My main job, when my mother was alive, was to take care of her and make sure she was okay,” she said, before adding: “I was her main support. , and I was 7 most of the time, and it was really hard and that’s why I grew up really fast because I was her best friend. I was her mother, I was her child, I was everything for her. And that’s one of the things I’m learning not to do with my child. “

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