For the public, she will remain the unforgettable Trinity of the Matrix saga. Carrie-Anne Moss, now 55, made her return in the franchise’s fourth installment in 2021, Matrix Ressurections, much to the delight of fans. If this role was an opportunity to find his playing partner Keanu Reeves, it also allowed him to play for the first time in the same film as her husband. Indeed, Steven Roy also makes an appearance in this new opus by embodying the older version of Neo in the reflections of the mirrors. During his career, Steven Roy appeared in a few television series like Viper, 7 at home, JAG or Roswell. The couple, linked by a common passion, met in an acting class in Hollywood before saying “I do” in 1999. Together, Carrie-Anne Moss and Steven Roy had three children: Owen, born in 2003 , Jaden, born in 2005 and Frances, born in 2009.

Carrie-Anne Moss reflects on meeting Keanu Reeves

Very friendly with Keanu Reeves since their meeting at the end of the 1990s, Carrie-Anne Moss had returned to their beginnings in the pages of Time in June 2022. “I remember the ease with which we met. could have been a very stressful first meeting (…) but Keanu was as he always is: kind, generous and attentive”, explained the actress before adding: “There is still this man who asks me if everything is fine after a intense day of training, while he himself spent the whole day doing this. He always supported me, then and still today, by the way he listens and shows himself in as a friend. I know I can count on Keanu and he knows he can count on me.”

Carrie-Anne Moss: who is her husband Steven Roy?

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