It was the members of the group II Divo who announced the terrible news, Carlos Marin died, this Sunday, December 19, at the age of 53 years. The singer had contracted the coronavirus probably during his tour of the United Kingdom. His ex-wife, Geraldine Larossa, better known by her stage name Innocence, spoke on her Instagram account to pay tribute to her ex-husband, as reported by the Daily Mail, this Wednesday, December 22. She said her passing “leaves a huge hole in life (s)”. And to add: “Most people already know it, but I repeat it because I want the whole world to know it. Carlos Marin has been and always will be the great love of my life. He is the most important person. kind and most generous in the world. “

Innocence also said more about the circumstances of the death of the one who shared his life for 16 years on the show Ya es mediodia. “He started to feel bad earlier this month,” she said. On December 7, the singer visited Manchester Hospital. “He waited long enough before going to the hospital and that was probably not a good thing. Maybe he should have left a little earlier,” she explained before continuing, and there, his condition deteriorated until he had to be intubated and placed in an artificial coma, “she said. Innocence also took the opportunity to indicate that her ex-husband had been vaccinated against the coronavirus: “He had received the Janssen vaccine against the Covid and we have the certificates to prove it, but we know that the vaccines do not protect you 100 % and there is a risk. “

Carlos Marin had already contracted the coronavirus two years ago

Carlos Marin had already contracted the coronavirus in December 2019 during Il Divo’s Christmas tour of the United States. A disease that was still very little known at that time. In an interview he gave in December 2020, the II Divo singer revealed he had passed out because his oxygen levels were very low and doctors were on the verge of the intubate before he recovers. “I was lucky not to have gone to the other side,” he said at the time.

Carlos Marin © JLPPA

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