King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, 75, had initiated the royal tour of Sweden’s 21 counties on October 12, 2020. These 21 counties of Sweden were not all visited by King and Queen Silvia of Sweden themselves . Sweden’s rulers shared the task with Crown Princess Victoria’s couple and Prince Carl Philip’s couple, according to Royal Histories. The visit of Carl XVI Gustaf and his wife, Silvia of Sweden, 78, to the county of Jämtland marks the end of the tour. The King and Queen of Sweden visited a few towns in Jämtland county on April 8, 2022. The post-covid tour of counties in Sweden could finally be completed after many postponements due to recent lockdowns and restrictions.

The visit of King Carl XVI Gustaf, 75, and Queen Silvia of Sweden, 78, to Jämtland began in Östersund. The rulers of Sweden attended a meeting with representatives of the Jämtland county administrative board and the municipality of Östersund at the residence of Marita Ljung, the governor of Jämtland. After this first meeting, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia traveled to Östersund Hospital where they spoke with staff and visited the hospital’s intensive care unit. “The staff told, among other things, how a system for grading the severity of patients had been put in place. This gradation makes it possible to prioritize the care of patients”, indicates Histoires Royales.

Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden: the visit of a school welcoming refugee children in the agenda of the royal couple

On the afternoon of April 8, 2022, the Swedish sovereigns visited the Mittuniversitetet. The parents of Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine from Sweden were able to meet the employees of the centre’s nursing department. They also had the opportunity to visit the school’s clinical training center. During the same afternoon, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden visited a school welcoming refugee children from Ukraine before closing the day’s visits to the Jamtli Museum, reports Histoires Royales.

King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden © Dana Press

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