Prince Julian, born March 26, 2021, was baptized this Saturday August 14 at Drottningholm Palace in Lovön, about fifteen kilometers from Stockholm. On occasion, Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia of Sweden showed themselves smiling and happy alongside their two oldest sons, Alexander and Gabriel of Sweden. While the event was celebrated in private, it still allowed members of the royal family to reunite for the first time in over a year. The Duke of Halland was dressed in the traditional baptismal robe, a royal attire dating from 1906.

The baby’s name was embroidered on one side of her dress, alongside the first names of all members of the Swedish monarchy, according to the Royal History site. The water that was used to bless Prince Julian, meanwhile, came from a spring on Öland Island, where the Solliden Palace is located. Sofia from Sweden chose one of her best friends as godmother, namely Frida Vesterberg. Little Julian was also entitled to several sponsors: Stina and Johan Anderson, Jacob Högfeldt, Patrick Sommerlath. To top it off, the baptism of Carl Philip’s son was not shown live on screens, unlike those of his two brothers. According to the palace, the coronavirus would have been a complication for the installation of such a device.

Why don’t the children of Sofia and Carl Philip from Sweden have a title?

However, the three brothers have one thing in common: they are not entitled to any title of Royal Highness, following a decision taken by King Charles XVI Gustave. A decision intended to offer them more freedom without having an impact on their place in the line of succession. The decision did not displease Carl Philip or Sofia from Sweden. The proof in a publication relayed on Instagram, shortly before the birth of Prince Julian. “We see this as positive because Alexander and Gabriel will have freer choices in life. They will retain their titles of prince and their duchies, Södermanland and Dalarna, which we appreciate and are proud of,” the Duke of Värmland wrote in caption of this publication.

Carl Philip and Sofia from Sweden © STELLA PICTURES

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