A heavy sentence which is far from being unworthy. A 50-year-old woman by the name of Mee Yun was sentenced on Wednesday to 13 years in prison for “torture and barbarism on a minor under the age of 15 by ascendant” after being found guilty of having scalded several times his son when he did not dance well enough. Her child, a Malaysian who is part of a dance troupe, suffers from serious physical damage. But above all psychological.

The judgment was pronounced by the court of appeal of Bobigny, within the department of Seine Saint-Denis. The culprit denied the facts, explaining that each time it was only domestic accidents. However, this mother inflicted this abuse on her son named Angus for more than six long years. The facts were revealed on December 12, 2017. Then aged 11, Angus was on tour in Paris and was staying at the Adagio hotel, located rue du Théâtre, in the 15th arrondissement. That day, he went to reception to warn that he had escaped from his room because his mother wanted to burn him because he had “forgotten his dance steps”.

Burns all over the body

The police were quickly made aware. And Angus showed them his body, showing numerous burn scars, some of them third degree, as well as traces of beatings. The child then told investigators from the juvenile protection brigade that his mother began to inflict these tortures on him from the moment he started dancing, at only five years old.

Once examined by the medical profession, the finding is clear: his body contains multiple scars and stigmata showing repeated blows with a blunt weapon, “of the whip type”. According to the investigation, no one else in his family circle was aware of what this boy was going through, with his mother making sure to cover his body with loose clothing. Entrusted to the services of Child Welfare, Angus now lives with his father in Malaysia, while his mother is currently incarcerated and is expected to remain behind bars for 13 long years.

A mother scalded her son © Pexels

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