Cardi B: this quasi striptease to reveal an impressive tattoo

Cardi B modest? Certainly not ! The 28-year-old singer did not hesitate to drop her clothes on March 28 on Instagram to show her subscribers the tattoos that adorn her back. So Kulture’s mom appeared from behind, half-naked, just dressed in a thong that doesn’t hide much, in a short video where we can see her phenomenal tattoo that starts from the beginning of her shoulder and that goes down to her buttocks to end above her thigh. A real work of art very colorful which represents different flowers but also butterflies and even a hummingbird. In this mini clip, where she does not utter a single word, Nicki Minaj’s rival does not hesitate to wave her body by sweeping her hair in order to allow her viewers to see the smallest details of this pretty drawing that dresses her curves.

This is not the first time that the interpreter of WAP, unveils her tattoo, she had already given a preview to her fans in a video published in May 2020, in which she revealed that it had required several months of work with the artist Jamie Schene of Union3 Tattoo, that is to say about sixty hours. The tattoo artist has also revealed that he had to follow Cardi B in a dozen cities in order to be able to stick to the artist’s busy schedule.

Cardi B targets haters

If she is known for her strong character and her provocative side, Cardi B is also regularly the target of haters. Latest scandal to date? Fans of the singer criticized her for focusing on other projects, including the release of a doll in her image, rather than a new album. It is for this reason that the ex of Offset took a radical decision not long ago. In order to silence the critics, the star simply deactivated her Twitter account. A choice she had explained in a live on Instagram: “I have so much pressure. I work on a lot of things to make people happy. I want to please my fans, because you’ve been asking me for something for a long time. a long time, and I do it for you “. She then adds: “You blame me for releasing a doll instead of an album, but how am I supposed to be rich, and build my fortune?”. What to silence the bad tongues.

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