Cardi B: her very provocative response to conservative criticism after the Grammy’s

The Grammy Awards, which took place on March 15, attracted a lot of attention but not only for the identity of the artists who won trophies. Several of them, including Cardi B, performed live and it is the performance of the American rapper that calls out. On stage, she danced with her youngest Megan Thee Stallion on their track WAP, in which they claim to be sexually satisfied by men. Lightly dressed, they engaged in a very suggestive choreography while singing the song in playback. The day of the broadcast of the ceremony, the passage of Cardi B has caused a lot of reaction on social networks and most of the reviews were positive, like those who had accompanied the release of the clip last summer.

Journalists from the traditionally very conservative Fox News channel appreciated this performance much less, like presenter Tucker Carlson: “It’s hard not to conclude that they are intentionally trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children. “. The biggest criticisms, however, did not come from him but from Candace Owens, a political commentator close to Donald Trump: “We are witnessing the destruction of American values, it’s terrifying, I think parents should be terrified. It’s the direction in which our society is going, we are weakening the United States and that is what we should be talking about. We are going to see the end of an empire, the United States cannot survive with these principles and values “.

Cardi B responds to Candace Owens on Twitter

Cardi B didn’t fail to respond to these statements in her style, writing on Twitter: “Actually, I’m just going to thank Candy. She put my performance on Fox News giving her more exposure which helped to boost YouTube views, which count for my streams and sales. I hope you will talk more about WAP, I need it to reach a new audience to become 6 times platinum. Any exposure will help. ” The journalist did not give up and replied, still on Twitter: “I do not work for Fox News and the fact that you are successful does not pose a problem for me. What does problem me is that you encourage women to strip themselves of all dignity. Men treat women like they treat themselves, you know that. ” The two women then went on to personal attacks, both claiming that the other’s husband was unfaithful. Candace Owens has finally indicated that she plans to sue Cardi B for libel.

Cardi B © Backgrid USA

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