Cara Delevingne confided in an open heart about her change of life. The 30-year-old supermodel opens up about her decision to go through rehab in a lengthy Vogue article from March 8, 2023. Cara Delevingne decided to get her life back together after realizing she wasn’t really happy, among other things. and she did anything. His own images widely publicized by the paparazzi were the triggers for his awareness.

In September last year, the media relayed photos of Cara Delevingne taken by paparazzi while she was at Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles. The model looked shabby, dilapidated and neglected. The young supermodel then returned from the Burning Man festival which had lasted several days. Cara was in a daze, she was barely able to stand up. The British model and actress was running around in a sock and is seen in the video dropping her phone.

Cara Delevingne: the British model and actress admits having been at the bottom of the hole

“I hadn’t slept. I wasn’t well,” explains Cara Delevingne to Vogue. “It breaks my heart because I thought I was having fun, but then I got to a point where I had to say to myself, ‘Okay, I look terrible'”, specifies the model. Cara Delevingne says she is grateful for these famous photos which had the gift of worrying her friends, including the sublime actress Margot Robbie who broke down in tears after seeing her friend in such a state.

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“You know, sometimes you need to be caught up in reality, so in a way, I can be grateful for his photos,” sums up Cara Delevingne. The Pandora girl also remarked that this isn’t her first cure, but this time she’s gotten to a stage where she’s really ready. “If you’re not at the bottom of the hole, ready to come back up, you won’t. There, I had reached a stage where I was really ready”, confides Cara Delevingne to the American magazine.

Cara Delevingne in bad shape: this electroshock at the origin of a change of life

Cara Delevingne in bad shape: this electroshock at the origin of a change of life © MPP

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