22-year-old Kyle Wade Clinkscales disappeared in 1976 as he drove his Ford Pinto to Auburn, Alabama. For years, his family tried everything to find his trace, to no avail. But this almost half a century old cold case could find its resolution. On Tuesday, December 7, a man discovered a car submerged in a stream, the BBC revealed. Inside, the papers and credit card of a certain Kyle Wade Clinkscales, as well as human bones.

“For 45 years, we searched for this young man and his car,” Troup County Sheriff, Georgia, James Woodruff told a press conference. “We emptied lakes, searched here and there, studied one theory and then another, but it never worked out.” Examinations are underway to determine whether the bones found are those of young Kyle Wade Clinkscales.

“Was he killed and abandoned? Did he slip off the road?”

For a long time, the authorities favored the murder trail. In 2005, Kyle’s parents received an anonymous call. One person told them that they saw people dispose of their son’s body soon after he disappeared. Two individuals were then arrested, without follow-up. The authorities now hope to be able to determine the circumstances of his disappearance. “Was he killed and abandoned? Did he slip off the road? It’s something we hope to find out, but that was 45 years ago.” Sadly, the parents of young Clinkscales will never know what happened to their son. His father and mother passed away in 2007 and 2021, respectively. “His mother always hoped he would come back eventually, and we always hoped to find him before she died. Just having potentially found him. relieves me, “said Sheriff Woodruff.

Kyle Wade Clinkscales case © Pexels

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