It is thanks to his role as Steve Rogers, in Captain America, that Chris Evans became known to the general public and became a known and recognized actor. To become the superhero imagined by Marvel, the actor followed very intense physical training. Thus, he became very muscular. But it is not him who directs all the scenes of the film. Indeed, he had a double. Thus, Chris Evans shot all the sequences to record his expressions, before the scenes were again filmed by another actor, a certain Leander Deeny.

“This small and weak actor had to replay the sequences of Chris, so that the face of the first is mixed with the body of the second during these passages where the thinness of Steve Rogers is crucial in the plot”, thus explained our colleagues from Premiere who have watched the bonuses of the film, in which there is a making-of devoted exclusively to the physical transformation of Chris Evans. “People asked me how we had muscled the hero, but in fact, we did the opposite!”, Producer Kevin Feige laughed. Indeed, the face of Chris Evans was emaciated during post-production.

Nearly 400 people worked on the transformation of Chris Evans

To achieve such a performance, between 300 to 400 people were hired to do the painstaking work. Fans of superhero films quickly realized that the work done on the character of Chris Evan was close to that done for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (still a Disney production) to bring back an important character from A New Hope, released in 1977. In the meantime, this is an impressive technological feat.

Captain America: how was Chris Evans' incredible physical transformation achieved?

Chris Evans © Backgrid USA

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