Like her male counterpart, the Capricorn woman places love under the sign of commitment. For her, love life is like a flower garden which she takes care of by putting all her heart into it. In return, the Capricorn woman expects her partner, her ideal man, to play fair. The Capricorn woman hates lies, omissions and low blows. She wants to be completely certain that her efforts are going to someone who is worthy of it. With a Scorpio man, the Capricorn woman can expect exclusive love.

The water sign that is Scorpio is known for its overflowing passion. The magnetism and charm of Scorpio disarm one by one the security shields of the Capricorn woman who seeks to move forward with safety. A relationship built without haste between these two Zodiac signs promises to be passionate and lasting. The Libra man can also form a couple that works with the Capricorn woman. A man of this astrological sign simply needs a little help to turn his fine words into concrete actions. Conquered, the Libra man can be the most faithful companion.

The perfect pairing with Pisces

Like Scorpio, Pisces is a Water sign. The last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, is endowed with great sensitivity. With a Pisces man, the Capricorn woman finds a very intimate friend, an outstanding confidant whose kindness and tenderness are gratuitous. If the Pisces can sometimes lack confidence in him, in his talents or his abilities, the Capricorn woman is there to remind him how wrong he is. Like the Capricorn woman, Pisces also gives their all in a relationship.

Capricorn woman: who is your ideal man?

Capricorn woman: who is your ideal man? © Unsplash

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