Capricorn is conservative by nature. The natives of this Zodiac sign are not too inclined to change. With a Capricorn mom, education is often done the old fashioned way or at least according to the way she herself was educated. The Capricorn mom is strict in her way of educating her children. She also sets rules and expects her toddlers to follow them to the letter. No violence on the other hand, because although negotiation or diplomacy is not the strong point of the Capricorn mother, she knows how to make herself understood by her children.

The Capricorn mom is a loving and devoted mother, and can sometimes become close to her children. However, one thing is impossible with a Capricorn mother, none of her children will be able to lead her by the nose. In the education of her children, the Capricorn mother is greatly helped by the disciplines. She swears by principles. After all, it is easier for her to manage her small herd with well-established rules of conduct stemming from traditional family values.

A stern and strict mother

The Capricorn mom is stern, but not mean. She shows great kindness and generosity towards her children. Moreover, a Capricorn mom is not against rewards to encourage her children. She does not allow letting go, but can be particularly generous when it comes to providing her offspring with what they need. If in other aspects of her life, Capricorn is not very expressive, as a mother she can be affectionate and expects affection from her children.

Capricorn Mom: Which Mom Are You?

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