As at each Cannes Film Festival, the outfits of celebrities are scrutinized. If some opt for princess dresses or curved bustier, others prefer more sober outfits but just as sexy. This is the case of Lola Dewaere. Indeed, the actress tumbled this Thursday, May 19 in a very elegant outfit, highlighting her silhouette. All dressed in black, she displayed a plunging neckline with an apparent bra making her outfit ultra sexy and glamorous. It must be said that Lola Dewaere has a body to make photographers pale, who did not hesitate to rush to take a picture of her.

Lola Dewaere: “Yes, I put hyaluronic acid in my lips”

If Lola Dewaere is proud of her body, she was less proud of her mouth. Indeed, on Instagram, the actress revealed that she had recourse to cosmetic surgery to correct one of her faults: “Yes, I put hyaluronic acid in my lips because I am very complexed by my mouth which was sideways since my car accident. I’ve been lugging a forgotten piece of windshield in my lower lip for about twenty years. At the time, doctors and surgeons focused on my spine, which been affected in this serious car accident … forgetting a huge piece of windshield in my lip”, she had specified. But now, her little flaw has been corrected and Lola Dewaere is more comfortable than ever with her appearance. And it shows !


Lara T.
Lara T.

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