Clap of the end of the year 2022. While she welcomed 2023 with open arms, Cara Delevingne publishes a compilation of the highlights of her past year. The British model unveiled glamorous and wacky moments. And it was without blushing that she shared the photo of her hyper-sexy and very bare thong dress. On another, the 30-year-old photographed her pair of socks with degraded red and blue cannabis flower patterns.

In another shot, Cara Delevingne travels with a pillow for the head … in the shape of breasts. The star also remembered her professional projects, in the studio for voice dubbing or on photo shoots. A publication “liked” by more than a million Internet users in less than 24 hours.

Cara Delevingne opens up about her sexuality

Cara Delevingne is not afraid of provocation. The supermodel recently had some very candid comments about her sex life. “The way I define myself changes all the time,” she told The Mirror newspaper, “pansexual, bisexual – I don’t really know.” She added, “I kind of feel like because I lacked desire for women or lacked love for women, I kind of took a direction and now it’s changed a lot more (.. .) I’m proud of my sexuality.”

On the heart side, Cara Delevingne has been in a relationship for two years with Ashley Benson and has also been seen on the arms of other young women. In Gwyneth Paltrow’s podcast, she admitted to having taken a long time to accept her sexuality. “The idea of ​​being with same-sex partners was gross to me, deep down. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I would never do that, that’s disgusting, yuck.’ But today, it no longer has any taboos.

Cannabis thong dress and socks: the very daring publication of Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne © Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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