On Monday, March 21, the state of Texas was swept by 20 tornadoes that left behind massive property damage. No loss of life was reported, but the damage was so extensive that Texas Governor Greg Abbott even called it a miracle, according to HuffPost. Speaking of miracles, Lauren and Kevin, a Texan couple living in Round Rock, survived the tornado. However, “the tornado passed through Lauren and Kevin’s garden, destroying half of their home and their garden shed,” says HuffPost. The couple escaped unscathed because they chose to hide in their bathtub, a technique widely used in Texas during tornadoes in the region.

The other technique is to lock themselves in a closet, but that was not possible for the two miraculous Texans. “We hid in the tub because native Texans like us know the plumbing is buried deep,” the couple told ABC News, before continuing: “It’s better to hide in the tub or in a closet, but our cupboards are plywood”. According to 20 minutes, in Texas, only four injuries were recorded. Recall that another tornado killed a 73-year-old woman in Louisiana.

Electricity was cut in the city due to tornadoes

Although the twenty tornadoes that crossed northern and central Texas caused only a few injuries, it left the city of Round Rock, a Texas town located about thirty kilometers from Austin, without electricity. “We know that many people’s lives have been turned upside down, and some have lost their homes. But at the same time, it’s a miracle, because even though there has been property damage, to my knowledge, there were no fatalities, which is impressive,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said at a press conference on March 22, 2022.

Tornado in Texas © Daily Mail

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