Camille Gottlieb: her inspiring message on the body positive

While she has just celebrated her twenty-second birthday on July 15, Camille Gottlieb has proven once again that she accepts herself as she is. If the daughter of Stéphanie de Monaco has never hidden that she sometimes used artifices to erase her freckles, her pimples as well as the marks left by her acne. On vacation, while she posted a new photo, Camille Gottlieb was accused of having retouched her face. In a story, she then made a point of making things clear: “For all those who say that I add freckles and that it’s fake, here is a photo of me in the sun and without any retouching. J love my freckles and have learned to accept them even if they are minimal compared to some people. You are beautiful, girls, accept and assume yourself as you are. ”

Last August 9, while she had shared a snapshot in the natural, the young woman had already attracted the wrath of a surfer who exclaimed: “From January 1 to December 31, what does this person do with his life, otherwise post pictures !!! ” Used not to let it go, Camille Gottlieb then replied: “I will not post pictures of myself while working I’m sorry it may be very boring as I have already explained under another photo of mine after another childish reflection of the style (…) But you know the jealousy and contempt of people is a very bad thing and that can then rot you inside you (…) My community is a positive community, nice, with values, in whom I like to confide, that I like to make laugh and with whom I like to interact. Weeds and rotten fruits come out of my basket so as not to rot it, thank you. hearer, haters and jealous ‘fuck you’. ”

“Nobody is perfect”

Close to her fans, the half-sister of Louis and Pauline Ducruet had posted a snapshot on April 20 last. In order to silence the bad tongues, she had shared: “As promised! I send you a picture of me totally natural, without makeup, without retouching and without filters. I have blemishes on the skin and traces of acne of my adolescence. But I put my face bare so that you can be sure that EVERYONE has faults and that NOBODY is perfect! (…) Love yourself as you are, this is the most important. ”

Camille Gottlieb © Instagram

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