Stéphanie’s daughter from Monaco has chosen her camp. For several weeks, vaccination has been the subject of more debate in France than ever because of a fifth wave which generates numerous Covid-19 contaminations. The slogan of the government in the face of the multiplication of positive cases: vaccination. While it does not completely protect against contamination and transmission, the vaccine against the virus does help develop severe forms of the disease, often responsible for hospitalizations. And some personalities have taken their side in the face of this subject, such as Camille Gottlieb, who relayed a strong text on Instagram, written by blogger @raphael_fvr.

In this publication, approved by Stéphanie de Monaco’s daughter, he explains the reasons why he chose to be vaccinated. Not to “please the government”, but “not to die of Covid-19”, “not to clutter up a hospital bed”, “not to have to give a doctor a choice between himself and a doctor. patient who is waiting for a transplant or other operation “,” to live his life “,” to see and hug his family and friends “and for” the Covid-19 to be an old memory “. Words that made sense in the mind of Camille Gottlieb who shared the text on her Instagram account, Tuesday, January 11.

Camille Gottlieb close to Jacques and Gabriella

Usually discreet when it comes to talking about her private life, Camille Gottlieb has obviously decided to put her discretion aside to let her opinions speak. A risky bet for her, who has become in recent weeks a rather active member of the princely family of Monaco, she who notably helped her little cousins ​​Jacques and Gabriella to participate in the traditional distribution of gifts at the palace. A delicate attention from the young woman, who in addition to being very close to her mother, is also “fusional” with her half-sister, Pauline Ducruet.

Camille Gottlieb © Bruno Bebert

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