Camilla Parker Bowles vaccinated solo: mystery surrounding Prince Charles’ decision

A first step passed for Camiller Parker Bowles. The Daily Mail revealed on Tuesday February 9 that the Duchess of Cornwall had received her first inoculation of the coronavirus vaccine at her residence in Wiltshire. Administered by a royal doctor, the vaccine injected into the wife of Prince Charles would be Oxford-AstraZeneca, the same administered last January to Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. A first step in the vaccination for Camilla Parker Bowles, who would be “very happy” with this decision according to one of her relatives. However, concerning her husband, the mystery still looms.

Indeed, no one knows for the moment whether Prince Charles was also vaccinated against Covid-19. From the height of his 72 years, the crown prince was the first member of the British royal family to contract the virus last March. Quickly recovered, after having mild symptoms, he hinted a few months later, as Britain launched its vaccination campaign, that he was “at the bottom of the list” to receive the vaccine, with a preference in particular for AstraZeneca, specifies the Daily Mail.

Kate and William next on the immunization list?

For now, only Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have received their two doses for the Covid-19 vaccine in the British royal family, the next being Camilla Parker Bowles. The other members of the royal family will have to wait their turn, such as Prince William who contracted the virus last April and kept his state of health a secret, and Kate Middleton, since for the moment, the vaccination campaign launched in the United Kingdom Uni only concerns people over 70 years old. Next on the list is expected to be Princess Anne, who however remains very low key about her private life.

Camille Parker Bowles © Agency

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