Camilla Parker Bowles has become Queen Consort of England since Charles III’s accession to the throne.
The former Duchess of Cornwall of England has remained close to her family.
Every day, Camilla Parker Bowles even has a woman who is very close to her on the phone.

Camilla Parker Bowles is a leading support for Charles III, the current King of England. The Queen Consort is also very close to her family. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t contact that family member. On May 6, 2023, Camilla Parker Bowles, 75, will also be crowned, recalls the magazine Gala. Indeed, the second wife of King Charles III of England, 74, is more than ever very high within the royal family. Despite his privileged place in the British royal family, the childhood sweetheart of Charles III always remained close to his own family.

Camilla Parker Bowles phones her sister Annabel every day, reveals Gala, citing the Point de Vue article of December 28, 2022. The magazine also recalls that Camilla Parker Bowles’ younger sister has already embarrassed her by the past. We also learn that the two sisters have become closer since the death of their younger brother. Mark Shand, the brother of the wife of Charles III, died in a terrible accident in New York in 2014. The two sisters are currently continuing their brother’s work in the preservation of elephants through the Elephant Family Foundation.

Camilla Parker Bowles: a loving queen consort who is very close to her grandchildren

Camilla Parker Bowles is not only very close to her younger sister. The Queen Consort of England is her grandchildren. Vis-à-vis her grandchildren, the wife of King Charles III of England is a strict grandmother. Camilla Parker Bowles would forbid them to use their phones at the table. On the other hand, William and Harry’s mother-in-law used to bake tasty cakes for her grandchildren. Camilla Parker Bowles also takes them “to the garden, picking fruit and eating peas from the pod”, reports Gala, citing Point de Vue.

Camilla Parker Bowles: this relative that the queen consort has on the phone absolutely every day

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