Camilla Parker Bowles inaugurates the new library at a primary school in Newport, Wales.
Among the students who welcomed the Duchess of Cornwall warmly, a little girl caught her attention.
Camilla Parker Bowles complimented her on her small gesture which did not go unnoticed.

Camilla Parker Bowles, 74, was in Wales last week with Prince Charles, 73. On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, the Duchess of Cornwall made a solo visit to a primary school. The exit of the 74-year-old future queen consort is part of her biggest cause which is the promotion of literacy. People magazine reveals that Camilla Parker Bowles’ literacy campaign is one of her oldest missions. Note that Camilla Parker Bowles has been the patron of the National Literacy Trust for nearly 12 years.

While visiting Millbrook Primary School in Newport on Wednesday July 6, the Duchess of Cornwall opened the school’s new library. During her visit, the wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, received a very warm welcome from the pupils of the school. A mischievous little girl stood out from the crowd and caught Camilla’s attention. The Duchess of Cornwall shared a special moment with Callie, a 5-year-old girl who gave her a royal wave. “It was a very royal wave,” Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, told him with a smile.

Camilla Parker Bowles: The Duchess of Cornwall meets the school’s ‘reading dog’

The visit of Camilla Parker Bowles on Wednesday July 6 has reserved many surprises for her. The Duchess of Cornwall will celebrate her 75th birthday on July 17. The students at the school have cooked up an early birthday party for her, People reveals. Prince Charles’ wife was treated to “a birthday cake and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in Welsh and English,” People said. That day, Camilla Parker Bowles also got to know Taliesin, the dog that helps children get comfortable during reading sessions. “It also helps if they have trouble concentrating or listening to a story, as stroking it can calm them down,” says school principal Keri Smith.

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