The British have not always held Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort, in their hearts.
Prince William and Prince Harry have also invited their mother-in-law to a tribute to Lady Diana.
The presence of Camilla Parker Bowles, queen consort, at the ceremony honoring Diana earned her fierce criticism.

The battles were many for Camilla Parker Bowles, queen consort, 75, before managing to conquer the hearts of the British. For years, people and the media have portrayed the current Queen Consort as a family wrecker. For a long time, Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of King Charles III of England, 73, suffered the harshest criticism and hate speech. The British have been deeply affected by the loss of the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. In 2007, a tribute for the 10 years of the disappearance of Lady Diana had been organized by prince William and prince Harry.

“The British press and the English are up in arms when they learn that Camilla Parker Bowles would be one of the guests”, recalls the Gala article of October 14, 2022. William and Harry invite their mother-in-law to the ceremony. Yet Camilla Parker Bowles was still seen by the nation as the mistress of Prince Charles, now King Charles III of England. The current Queen Consort was still held responsible for Prince Charles’ divorce from the Princess of Hearts. The decision of the two princes caused a huge outcry in the United Kingdom.

Camilla Parker Bowles: the queen consort was restricted from accepting the invitation

According to Gala, the invitation of Prince William and Prince Harry for Camilla Parker Bowles would be “the symbolism of the affection that the two sons of Lady Di have for her”. The instinct of the future queen consort told her to decline the invitation of the two sons of Charles III. But on the one hand, she would have been forced by the Firm and had to attend the ceremony. The outcry caused by this event is now a strength for Camilla Parker Bowles. This experience showed how instinctive the queen consort is. She proved that the Firm should have listened to her.

Camilla Parker Bowles: this forced tribute to Lady Diana which had a major consequence

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