Camilla Parker Bowles, 74, made her commitments on March 8 during International Women’s Rights Day. However, according to what the future queen consort will have revealed later that day, the wife of prince Charles keeps the consequences of his Covid. The Prince of Wales, 73, tested positive for Covid 19 for the second time on February 10, 2022. His wife, the future Queen consort tested positive a few days later. Since then, the Duchess of Cornwall has already resumed her service and honored her commitments.

Camilla Parker Bowles opened up about her state of health at the event organized in honor of Women of The World. This event was an opportunity for the Duchess to reveal that the Covid affected her vocal cords and left scars there. “My voice can suddenly go away,” said Camilla Parker Bowles, before continuing: “Then I start coughing and sputtering.” Despite these worrying and persistent symptoms, the wife of the future king of England continues to fulfill her royal obligations as it should. Known for her dedication to the cause of justice, equality and women’s rights, on March 8, Camilla Parker Bowles honors the many “exceptional women who are paving the way for others to follow their traces”, according to the magazine Gala.

The state of health of Queen Elizabeth II of England worries once again

Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, was still subject to a relatively unstable state of health in recent months. The Queen of England returned to service on Monday March 7, recalls Gala. “All dapper in a dress with a mosaic print and smiling, the sovereign met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle”, indicates the magazine. This appearance of the mother-in-law of Camilla Parker Bowles reassured her admirers. But lately, Elizabeth II of England had to cancel her presence at the Commonwealth ceremony held on March 14. She is also expected to attend the Thanksgiving service in honor of Prince Philip on March 29.

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