Camilla Parker Bowles: the hilarious little joke of Prince Charles’s wife on their last outing

Camilla Parker Bowles is not famous for having her tongue in her pocket. So when someone hands her a pole, she does not fail to grab it to make a joke. While visiting the National Bank of England with his wife, Prince Charles signed a check for £ 1million which will be kept in a safe. A tradition for members of the royal family visiting this institution, and the occasion for the Duchess of Cornwall to say bluntly about the check: “So, can’t I put it in my purse?”

A small funny remark from Camilla Parker Bowles, who during her official visits no longer hesitates to throw jokes. Last March, as the Covid-19 pandemic grew in the UK, the Duchess visited with Prince Charles the London Transport Museum, where she slipped into a one-person air raid shelter. And on this occasion, she launched with humor, “I am self-isolating”, in response to the health situation, which was deteriorating, while the United Kingdom had not yet entered into confinement.

Prince Charles signed a check for a million pounds today when he and Camilla visited the Bank of England. It’s tradition for visiting royals to sign a promissory note, which is kept in a vault. Hilariously Camilla interjected: So, I can’t pop it into my handbag?

– Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) October 28, 2020

Camilla Parker Bowles addicted to her pearls

For this new outing with Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles was most elegant, in a scalloped jacket suit and sky blue skirt. To complete her outfit, the Duchess had opted for a brooch with two dragonflies, this time skipping her new pair of fetish earrings. For several appearances, she has indeed opted for pearly pearls. It must be said that Camilla Parker Bowles has an impressive collection of necklaces and pearl jewelry, like her cocker spaniel that she hardly ever leaves on official occasions. A jewel inherited from her mother Rosalind Cubitt whom she particularly cherishes.

Camilla Parker Bowles © Agency

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