Camilla Parker Bowles’ tender confidences on her father

Like father like daughter. Usually rather discreet about her private life, Camille Parker-Bowles has made a small departure from her rule. In the latest video from her book club, Prince Charles’ wife honored the memory of her father, who passed on one of his passions to her: literature. It must be said that for her, Bruce Shand was “the most cultivated man” that she has never met. A British army officer for many years, Camille Parker-Bowles’ father spent his life “devouring books”. The Duchess also told fond memories of her childhood, spent in the middle of books. “And that’s how he read us books, when we were kids. He chose the books and we listened to him, remembered the daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II. And I think that the love of books was ingrained in us, because he transmitted it to us from an early age. ”

The Duchess of Cornwall has previously described her father as a “brilliant storyteller” who “read to them every night and transported [them] to different worlds”. And over time, Camilla Parker-Bowles has become an avid reader. She also holds seven literature-related sponsorships, including the National Literacy Trust, and awarded the prestigious Booker Prize for several years. A few days ago, Prince Charles’ wife hailed a “reading renaissance” during the coronavirus pandemic. And it was also during this troubled period that she decided to launch her book club, on Instagram. “Despite my advanced age and ingrained technophobia, I thought the best place to meet us might be online,” wrote the Duchess in The Times. The most moving letters were from people who described how books had been their lifeline. rescue.”

Camilla Parker-Bowles created a “celebration of literature”

She recalled with emotion the many letters received since the start of the pandemic. “In some cases their only company for weeks has been characters from novels. The reading was heartwarming for us, made us laugh, took us on journeys we couldn’t take in reality and, most importantly, reminded us that we we are not alone, continued the wife of Prince Charles, who today fascinates thousands of Internet users. We found a community in reading at a time when we were, unfortunately but necessarily, unable to be with those whom we we like.” Camille Parker-Bowles therefore decided to set up an online platform that “explores the magical world of books; the amazing people who write them; and the emotional, social and educational benefits of reading” that she imagines as a “celebration of literature”.

Camilla Parker Bowles © Agency

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