They have gone through many hardships but have always managed to find each other. Camilla Parker Bowles was the favorite in the heart of Prince Charles. Only, she did not seem to be suitable for the British royal family. After the failure of his marriage to Lady Diana, he fell back into the arms of his first love. Since then, the one who is now the queen consort has done everything to be appreciated and find her place within this family. To achieve this, she reportedly resorted to a major change in appearance. Besides, Charles III would not have been against it. He even has “no qualms about following the recommendations of his communication experts and pushing his mistress to improve her look to match the standards required of a member of the royal family”, wrote Bertrand Meyer-Stabley, in his book Majesté (published by Pygmalion).

Thus, in just “six months”, the second wife of Charles III “spends an astronomical sum to redo the facade”. Nearly “ten thousand pounds sterling” (about 11,600 euros, editor’s note) are needed “to realign and whiten the teeth”. But the mother-in-law of princes William and Harry did not just redo her teeth, she also wanted to erase the marks of her age on her face by resorting to botox injections “in the wrinkles of her forehead”. There followed “a series of peels and laser treatments to erase his crow’s feet and the lines around his mouth”. In addition, to be able to wear beautiful outfits and be highlighted, she should have gone on a diet. Thus, she would have lost “two sizes of clothing with the supervision of a renowned dietician”.

Camilla Parker Bowles was asked to quit smoking

Her wardrobe was changed. His “rustic country boots and formless tweed trousers” give way to “grand designer suits and tight dresses designed by Valentino”. Finally, the one who is also a mother, since she has two children (Laura and Tom Parker Bowles) was asked to quit smoking when she had been addicted to cigarettes for 40 years. It was finally in 2003 that she managed to get rid of this addiction.

Today, she must not regret having made all these efforts. If she was hated by the British, who much preferred her rival, Lady Diana, she managed to find a place for herself and to be appreciated by the vast majority of the English people. Today, she has been on the front of the stage since her husband ascended the throne of England on the death of Elizabeth II, which occurred on September 8, 2022. She multiplies the appearances and speeches without ever going out from its frame and with great elegance.

Camilla Parker Bowles: teeth, botox, peeling, diet… Her physical transformation would have been very expensive

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