Camilla Parker Bowles steps out of her comfort zone and shows off a leopard mask

As the wife of Prince Charles, and therefore future Queen of England, Camilla Parker Bowles takes her commitments seriously. But if there is one moment of her days that seems to brighten up her daily life, it is her choice of protective mask. This Wednesday, October 21, the Duchess of Cornwall delivered brownies baked at Clarence House to the Pepper Pot Center, a charity for people over the age of 50 and of African and Caribbean origins, as explained by the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

For this engagement, Camilla Parker Bowles opted for a black and white look. But it was ultimately his mask that captured all the attention. Because, to her blouse with peplum sleeves and her black, sleeveless blazer dress, Prince Charles’ wife has added a leopard-patterned protective mask. A bold choice and the only touch of color that completed her look, as the 73-year-old Duchess chose a long black coat as well as leather tights and boots in the same shade. Visibly under the spell of his mask, Camilla Parker Bowles made a point of keeping it on her face during a videoconference with members of the Pepper Pot Center.

She collects colorful masks

As if she likes to accompany her sober autumn outfits with colorful masks. Before the leopard pattern, the flashiest of her collection, Camilla Parker Bowles had fallen for a green mask, decorated with roughly drawn white flowers. A mask worn during a visit to Brixton, London, October 13, 2020. In July, while on her way to the National Gallery, still in the British capital, she wore an expensive mask to Liberty prints, gift from designer Fiona Clare, who designed it especially for her.

A flashy choice © Agence

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