Camilla Parker Bowles in front of the cameras. After going to COP 26 in Glasgow a few days ago, Prince Charles’ wife left Scotland for Sussex. This Thursday, November 4, she made a remarkable appearance on the filming set of Grace, a detective series broadcast on the ITV channel. The reason ? She wanted to meet the author of this adaptation, Peter James. There, the duo discussed at length … while joking to see, one day, Camilla Parker Bowles make an appearance in the television series! The author has also written an intrigue around the wife of Prince Charles: “Oddly enough, in the last book to be released next year. I have Norman Potting and Roy Grace (the main characters, editor’s note) who both collect a medal and receive it from Prince Charles and Camilla “.

After chatting with Peter James, Camila Parker Bowles took a seat in the producer’s chair to watch a scene being filmed. And for her, it was an unforgettable day since she is totally a fan of the author’s work. A few years ago, moreover, she had posed in front of her library filled with her novels. “I wrote her a note and she responded with a handwritten letter saying how much she loved Roy Grace. We kept in touch and I left her a note about 18 months ago when production started. to see if she’d like to come see the set. And there you have it, she said she would love to come, said Peter James, incredulous to see her on set. She’s so fun, totally down to earth. amazes after doing a half-hour interview with her, she has an absolute memory of every detail of the book that even I had forgotten. “

Great morning on the set of ITV’s Grace with the Duchess of Cornwall – the television adaptation of The Roy Grace crime series by @peterjamesuk starring John Simms and Ritchie Campbell. It’s one of The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room recommendations over on @instagram

– Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) November 4, 2021

Camilla Parker Bowles: her leading role

Lately, Camilla Parker Bowles is more and more present and multiplies the speeches. At the end of October, she had upset an audience at the launch of Shameless! Festival, a collaboration between the Women of the World Foundation (WOW) and the Birbeck SHaME project. Prince Charles’ wife then spoke of violence against women. “We do not in any way hold all men responsible for sexual violence. But we need them all on board to face it. After all, rapists are not born, they are built,” she said, before to explain that she intended to do everything possible to put an end to “the lies, words and actions that promote a culture in which sexual assault is considered normal and in which it shames the victim”.

Camilla Parker Bowles © Agency

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