In the shoes of a (future) queen. Long considered the woman responsible for the end of the marriage between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles went in a few years from the status of mistress home wrecker to duchess appreciated and respected by the British, and senior member of the royal family. able to represent the monarchy in all circumstances. An important detail in the eyes of Elizabeth II, who for the year of her platinum jubilee, expressed her wish that on her death, the wife of Prince Charles obtain the title of queen consort. A nice gesture that undoubtedly pushed Camilla Parker Bowles to adopt the uses of Windsor more than ever, as she offered an overview on Monday March 14.

While Elizabeth II was absent, Prince Charles and his wife attended a mass in Westminster Abbey, organized for Commonwealth Day. Accompanied by Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, in the absence of the Queen, took her place in the protocol order. And Camilla Parker Bowles did not fail to attract all eyes by opting for one of her mother-in-law’s favorite colors: purple. Indeed, for the occasion she had opted for a purple coat accessorized with a scarf, two brooches in the shape of flowers, and a matching hat.

What message behind Camilla’s outfit?

A small subtle change of look for Camilla Parker Bowles, unaccustomed to flashy colors, she who opts more regularly for light gray, pine green or even blue or even cream. And if for this mass organized on the occasion of Commonwealth Day Kate Middleton had chosen to pay tribute to Ukraine with her total blue look, the wife of Prince Charles had chosen purple, and this, can – not be by chance. Very affected by the war that has been looming for several days, the Duchess, so moved that she made a substantial donation to help the Ukrainians, had donned the purple color, long associated with mourning. However, it was not the first since she had already opted for a look of the same kind in 2018.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles © Backgrid UK

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