“Calm” but still “complicated”: Laeticia Hallyday confides in her relationship with Laura Smet and David Hallyday

Time has passed and resentments have subsided. After long months of legal battle, ended in a financial agreement, Laeticia Hallyday and the elders of the idol of young people have decided to put their animosity aside to finally move forward in their mourning. On the occasion of the tribute event show to Johnny on September 14 from the Accor Arena, his widow agreed to confide at length in the columns of the Parisian. In particular on his relations with David Hallyday and Laura Smet, which have changed a little in recent months. “I wanted them to participate in this tribute. Things have calmed down a bit, but our relations remain complicated”, first announced Laeticia Hallyday before returning to the long legal battle she waged against the elders by Johnny. “I held out my hand several times, I would have liked this inheritance story to stay with the family, that we talk to each other around a table four years ago, when Johnny left, that we could talk my husband’s decisions, ”she once again explained.

“But we are not an ordinary family, still assures Laeticia Hallyday. I tried to renew the dialogue, to appease the resentments, the unspoken.” Today, while the legacy of Johnny Hallyday is almost settled, the two parties have not resumed dialogue. “Unfortunately, we continue to speak to each other by lawyer,” regrets the mother of Jade and Joy to the Parisian, who ensures that his outstretched hands are not accepted. “I invited David to come on stage on Tuesday, I would have loved him to sing Blood for Blood. He replied kindly by his lawyer that he could not be there because he is on tour, announced Laeticia. Hallyday. It’s a shame, it will be for next time, but I was honored that he answered me. ” Unlike David Hallyday, Laura Smet did not respond through her lawyer to her ex-mother-in-law. “I sent Laura an email. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer me, but gave an answer on Instagram. It saddened me a lot,” she says.

How will the Johnny tribute concert go?

“I hope that one day we will manage not to speak to each other through a lawyer anymore”, added Laeticia Hallyday, who hopes that relations can definitely calm down between them: “We have a feeling of abandonment, my daughters Jade and Joy no longer exists for them, they no longer have a connection to David and Laura. It’s sad, but I think that in time, things will calm down. It’s just misunderstandings. Johnny n ‘certainly didn’t do it right before he left, but we’re not going to rewrite history. ” It is therefore without the elders of Johnny that the widow of Taulier will participate in the concert event at the Accor Arena, this scene that he has trod on many times. As a reminder, 100,000 people will be present in the Parisian room, including many close to Johnny Hallyday who will sing most of his hits. A new tribute for fans of Le Taulier. But also for his family.

Laeticia Hallyday © VEEREN

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