The firefighters’ intervention made it possible, on January 2, to get 11 children out of an unnamed unsanitary house in Washington. Firefighters were called in to respond to a fire that broke out in the backyard of the house. Arrived on the scene, the firefighters were dealing with a woman who did not want to open the door to them, according to Paris Match. “A woman came and told us she didn’t want to open the door for us,” firefighters said. “Another guy arrived to help her, told us to stay away and suddenly the woman finally opened the door and all the children started to come out”, continues the emergency services.

After the door was opened, children who were very dirty and dressed in clothes not suitable for winter had started to come out. Paris Match even declares that one of the children was completely naked. The children have since been placed under the protection of social services. According to what emergency services reported to the news magazine KREM, the children were “at different stages of malnutrition and appear to have been abused.”

The 11 children lived in a house full of garbage and human excrement

After being able to bring the backyard fire under control, firefighters entered the house. They discovered very disgusting scenes like the living room which was covered with garbage. Cigarette butts, dog food and dog food and their droppings were everywhere. One wall in the kitchen of the house was stained with excrement and was covered with garbage as well. Firefighters reported that they likely discovered human feces in the bathroom tub, not to mention garbage lining the floor. In a room on the ground floor, which has no bed, the firefighters discovered clothes full of excrement thrown on the ground.

Washington © Google Maps

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