It is a terrible discovery. Police in Chicago, United States have discovered the body of a 96-year-old woman. Named Regina Michalski, she was found in a freezer, according to information relayed by our colleagues from CBS Chicago. Also according to the local channel, the victim’s daughter was arrested. She would be suspected of having concealed the death of her mother with whom she lived. This macabre discovery was made possible thanks to the granddaughter of the old lady with whom she was cold.

Indeed, she contacted the police to come to her home to give her news. It must be said that the nonagenarian lived without family or neighbors, specifies ABC7. “I can’t explain it. Call it intuition,” her granddaughter said. Once there, the police found the body of Regina Michalski in her freezer. When her granddaughter was notified, it was a shock. “I suspected that she was no longer alive but I did not suspect that she was found in the conditions in which she was found and where she was found”, she reacted.

His daughter arrested

Since the investigation was launched. Relatives of the victim also told investigators that they had not seen the nonagenarian for a long time and that her daughter always told them different stories to justify her mother’s absence. “She used to rent the garage to one of the people in the basement, but after a while she didn’t rent the garage to them anymore,” a neighbor says. According to the testimonies cited by ABC 7, the death of Régina Michalski could date back to approximately three years.

“Call it intuition”: worried about her grandmother, she leads the police to a chilling discovery

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