Caitlyn Jenner makes rare confidences about her athletic career and the Olympic Games

In 2021, Caitlyn Jenner decided to launch her YouTube channel! On the latter, the star shares motivational speeches so that his fans make their dreams come true. Discussing the moment when she won the first of those two Olympic gold medals and broke the world decathlon record in 1976, Caitlyn Jenner revealed how her mind allowed her to surpass herself. In a video posted on Monday January 11, 2021, she said: “I had to dig deep into my soul. I have to have enough confidence in myself as a human being to be able to overcome failure. I’m smart enough. J I have a family structure. I have all these things in my life. If I go to Montreal in a year and I fail, I will survive. I will continue my life. Life will be good, okay? But this what I have to do today is not worry about losing, but prepare to win. “

While training 6-9 hours a day, 365 days a year, Caitlyn Jenner thought of her rival from the Soviet Union, Mykola Avilov, who held the world record. She recalled: “I got my hands on the start line of that first event and I was so determined – mind, body and soul – to win. I came out, scored 8,534 points, broke the record. world for the first time, beating Avilov, breaking his world record right in front of him. But then I realized the commitment and the extent to which we have to be engaged in what we are trying to achieve. make.” Facing the camera, she added, “We think we are committed. We do the work every day and this, and that, but in our soul where this champion lives, we have to be totally committed. This has to be our life. And from that point on it was. I broke the world record two more times the following year, I won the matches. And I never thought of failure, because I was totally determined to win. “

A look back at Caitlyn Jenner’s athletic career

It was in 1970 that the athlete took part in his first competition. In 1972, she placed third in the United States’ caps for the Munich Olympics. Three years later, she had won her first success in a major international competition by winning at the Pan American Games in Mexico! In 1976, she claimed her second United States Championship title, breaking her own world record with 8,538 points.

Caitlyn Jenner © Agency

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