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Caitlyn Jenner: Is her change of gender identity the reason for her divorce from Kris Jenner?

Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner divorced seven years ago! In an interview with Rob Lowe for the purposes of his podcast, the former Olympic star agreed to go back on his gender identity journey. Indeed, the 70-year-old star publicly declared herself transgender in 2015, two years after she and Kris Jenner announced their separation. If Caitlyn Jenner always knew she was in the wrong body, she immediately hit it off with Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife: “We got married five and a half months later. She had four children. , I had four kids, we did our best to try and make this family. Never an easy job. But we kind of mixed this family together as best we could. ”

When asked how aware Kris was of her struggles, Caitlyn Jenner indicated that she had opened up to some extent: “I mean, I told Kris about my issues, but I didn’t never thought that at some point, 25 years later, I would make a transition. It was not a possibility. I was in there, I was going to commit to family, but these are my problems , that’s what I’m dealing with. She was fine. And so we moved on with life. ” Speaking of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Caitlyn Jenner added, “Then we started doing the show, everyone’s working, those were great years. I didn’t think it was possible at all at those times. of my life …. It went on for years and years and years. ”

Divorce was the best thing for the duo

More than two decades later, the couple decided to go their separate ways: “After 23 years, Kris and I went in our separate directions. My identity wasn’t a big part of our separation. There was so much. other big issues besides. The only thing I think because of my frustration with myself I could have been a little faster with her towards the end. But there was a lot going on. . ” Now divorced, the duo get along much better. Caitlyn Jenner indeed explained, “And then all of a sudden we had no problem, it was quiet. ‘You know it doesn’t work, I know it doesn’t work, you have this house. , I’ll look for another place. ‘ And she even found the place. She decorated the place. She did everything in Malibu. She said, “I want you to feel comfortable.” And that was it. ”

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