Burglary Johnny Depp: a woman behind the intrusion

After an eventful 2020 for Johnny Depp, it seems that 2021 is not looking better. The actor was the victim of a burglary last weekend. According to information released by TMZ on Thursday, January 7, a woman broke into her house in Hollywood Hills. The American site reveals that the police suspect the suspect of being homeless but also at the origin of an identical crime at a neighbor of the artist. The media also claims that she quickly left the villa after the alarm went off. The police, whose arrival on the scene was immediate, were finally able to arrest the one who is suspected of being at the origin of the burglary. However, it is not known if the young woman stole one or more goods from the actor’s house. Thus, the amount of this potential burglary remains unknown. Johnny Depp, who has not stopped experiencing twists and turns in his life for a few years, does not yet seem ready to be quiet.

Before this intrusion, the 57-year-old actor sued the tabloid The Sun for libel. In a 2018 article, the British tabloid called Johnny Depp a “wife-beater” after the domestic violence complaint filed by his ex-wife, Amber Heard. After Andrew Nicol, the judge in charge of the case, considered that the qualifications of the tabloid were “substantially true” because “the vast majority of the alleged assaults have been proven”, Johnny Depp had seized the court of appeal, as reported by many media including Sky News or The Guardian, on December 9. They had published the register of pending appeal requests, publicly accessible and on which the name of the actor appears on December 9. The bad news keep coming since The Hollywood Reporter revealed this Thursday, January 7 that his ex-wife is authorized to file a new trial in which she claims that Johnny Depp’s lawyer openly shot her in the press. This new trial should therefore again play against the actor.

Johnny Depp ousted from Hollywood?

This affair has not been easy for the actor since his career is suffering the consequences. Indeed, The Hollywood Reporter revealed on December 18 that the Disney studios have definitely refused to allow Johnny Depp to resume his role of Jack Sparrow in the next installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga. However, he was able to count on the support of Jeff Brukheimer, the producer of the franchise who offered him a secondary role. A request also refused by Disney who wanted to avoid any controversy. In addition, according to the American media, the studios do not wish to be associated with a “comedian suspected of domestic violence”. Their response was therefore categorical and Johnny Depp had to give up his role of the famous pirate. This news comes some time after that of Warner Bros, who also ousted him from the franchise. While playing the role of the wicked wizard Gellert Grindelward in “Fantastic Beasts”, the actor revealed on his Instagram account in a statement that he had to give up his role. He was thus replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. Even though he was able to count on the support of his fans, it seems that Johnny Depp has become Hollywood’s pet peeve.

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