The series that followed the adventures of vampire hunter Buffy Summers and her friends first aired in April 1998! And it didn’t take long for her to find her audience, followed in every episode by millions of fans, during the seven seasons.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

After her job as a vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in many films, Remember … last summer, Scream 2, Sex Intentions, Scooby-Doo. But also in series, like Sex and the City and The Big Bang Theory. Since then she has been living a peaceful life with her husband, Freddie Prinze Junior (they have been in a relationship since 1997) and their two children, Charlotte James and Rocky Grace.

Alyson hannigan

She was a hit thanks to her crazy role in the American Pie saga, then, got on the boards and became the star of the How I Met Your Mother series until 2014. She is the mother of two little girls, Satyana Marie, born in 2009, and Keeva Jane, born in 2012, fruit of her love affair with Alexis Denisof.

Nicholas brendon

After Sunnydale, Nicholas Brendon appeared in a few television series before appearing repeatedly in Criminal Minds and then Private Practice. He married in 2001 to actress Tressa DiFiglia, but divorced in 2006.

David Boreanaz

Following the success of Buffy, David Boreanaz will be entitled to his own series, Angel, until 2004. Then, he becomes agent Seeley Booth in the successful series Bones, alongside Emily Deschanel. He is married to Jaime Bergman, a former playmate, with whom he had two children, Jaden Rayne, born in 2002, and Bardot Vita, born in 2009.

James marsters

He also continued his career on the small screen, in Smallville, FBI: Missing or Hawaii 5-0. On the cinema side, he appears in the film P.S. I Love You. On the private side, he is the father of Sullivan, born in 1996 and divorced (twice).

Charisma carpenter

After playing Cordelia Chase in Buffy and Angel, she landed small roles in Veronica Mars, Greek and more recently in Criminal Minds: Unity Without Borders. She became a mother in 2003 and, since 2013, has been in a relationship with Michael T. Rossi, the singer of the blues-rock group Public Trust.

Michelle trachtenberg

Fans have found her as Georgina Sparks, in the cult series Gossip Girl. The actress has since appeared in Mercy Hospital, Criminal Minds and Sleepy Hollow. On the private side, she would be single.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Where Are They Now? © TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX

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