Buckingham Palace scandal: Elizabeth II bodyguard arrested for cocaine trafficking

Buckingham Palace never ceases to see the scandals unfold. While the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as well as the involvement of Prince Andrew in the Jeffrey Epstein affair had already shaken the British crown, here is a bodyguard of Elizabeth II was arrested on July 28 last … for cocaine trafficking. Unheard of among the Windsors, especially since if nine bags of cocaine and ketamine were found at Jack Prescott’s, in Wellington Barracks, near Buckingham Palace, it turns out that he had also hidden his petty trafficking at the Queen.

The Sun reports that traces of white powder had been discovered in the toilets of the guards of St James’s Palace, where Jack Prescott officiated in the close guard of Elizabeth II. “Another soldier found the drugs in a cleaning box, where they keep varnish, rags and brushes to keep their uniforms shiny,” a tabloid source reported. It was this soldier who sounded the alert to his superior, who then called the police. Jack Prescott, 19, has been dismissed from his ceremonial duties pending investigation results, and will also be required to undergo drug testing.

Soldiers tested positive for cocaine and cannabis in 2018

A resounding new scandal for the British monarchy which is not however a great first. If cocaine trafficking remains an unprecedented event in the palaces of Elizabeth II, her close guard has already been pinned down for drug problems. Thus in 2018, no less than 40 soldiers of the Royal Guard were dismissed after having tested positive for cannabis and cocaine. “Any soldier who does not respect the rules established by the regiment will be dismissed. There is no second chance,” said at the time a relative of Elizabeth II. And it will be the same for Jack Prescott if he tests positive.

Queen Elisabeth II of England inspects the First Guard Battalion of Buckingham Pala © Agence

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