An essential element of the world of dance in the 80s and 90s, Bruno Falcon, known as Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon died at the age of 58. His sister Diana Wolgamott, confirms his death on Saturday, July 2 in his home in Long Beach, as reported by TMZ. According to Diana, the Los Angeles-based breaker and choreographer died of a heart attack. No autopsy will be performed on his body, as it is considered a natural death, according to the media.

During his lifetime, Bruno Falcon left an indelible mark on the dance scene of the 80s and 90s, with his very particular style of dance. It’s a style he created himself that he popularized in the cult movie “Breakin”. A film where Bruno Falcon embodies one of the main characters, Electro Rock 1. We can also see the rapper Ice-T. Moreover, the latter confirmed the death of Bruno Falcon on Twitter. He responded to a fan who wanted to know more about his death with a comment, “Yeah, I just got a message. He was too young. Smh.”

Bruno Falcon: several clips and collaboration with internationally renowned artists

“Breakin” is not the only film in which Bruno Falcon starred. It is found in many others including “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”, “Thumbelina” and even “Moonwalker” by Michael Jackson. Also according to TMZ, dancer Bruno Falcon had a close relationship with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In addition to occasionally dancing with the superstar, he appeared in some of his music videos. The media even reports a rumor that Bruno taught MJ popping and locking, styles conveyed by the popstar throughout his career. Finally, Bruno Falcon was Michael Jackson’s choreographer during his HIStory tour in the 90s.

Still in the world of dance, Bruno Falcon has also collaborated with other members of the Jackson family, including Janet and Latoya. Bruno has also appeared in music videos by renowned artists such as Lionel Richie or Chaka Khan.

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