This is sad news that was announced by the family of Bruce Willis on February 16th. The actor, removed from film sets since March 2022, received a terrible diagnosis from his doctors. Indeed, the Hollywood star is suffering from an incurable form of dementia. In the columns of Le Parisien this Monday, February 20, it was Jimmy Jean-Louis, who shared the poster with the actor in one of the last films of the Detective Knight trilogy, who made some confidences. “There were several complicated scenes, including two long ones that I really had to wear”, he recalled before continuing: “One in particular: I had to shake it to get a reaction because it didn’t had none!” For this, Jimmy Jean-Louis did not hesitate to “go up a notch, raise his voice, say unpleasant words”. A reaction that he deeply regretted afterwards. “I had scruples, because it’s still Bruce Willis. It troubled me. It was difficult for me,” he confided.

Sharing the screen with Bruce Willis was an incredible opportunity for Jimmy Jean-Louis. However, having to shake the actor to get a reaction upset him a lot. “It was this scene that we shot last and it turned out that it was the last one he played in the cinema”, he explained before adding: “I don’t did not know”. When Bruce Willis announced his intention to end his career, Jimmy Jean-Louis was not surprised. “In a way, I have completed the career of Bruce Willis. It is a moment that is inevitably touching, moving and heartbreaking”, he admitted before continuing: “He is only 67 years old, Bruce, he remains young. I hope that medicine can make progress very quickly and that he will regain some of his abilities”. Regarding the newly announced diagnosis, the actor says it’s been “upsetting because you want things to work out, but it doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction…Again, he didn’t only 67 years old”, lamented Jimmy Jean-Louis, who wishes to keep a good memory of Bruce Willis.

Jimmy Jean-Louis: how was Bruce Willis on the set?

Jimmy Jean-Louis shared the bill with Bruce Willis three times. “The first day I saw him again, there was no problem. We gave each other an American hug”, he explained before adding that things changed afterwards. . “But, during the filming, I quickly realized that it was not the Bruce that I had known twenty-one years earlier”, he continued, specifying: “He had not the same energy, he had memory loss, difficulty finding his bearings”. If Jimmy Jean-Louis said he was “surprised” by the behavior of Bruce Willis, he clarified that he “did not think it was that serious”, he concluded. A few days ago, it was Rumer Willis who indicated that his father suffers from “frontotemporal dementia”. It’s a “relief to finally have a diagnosis,” she said.

Bruce Willis sick: "I had to shake him...", a famous actor tells the star's last scene

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