An United family ! Despite their divorce in 2000, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have maintained a beautiful friendship. The two actors, who share 13 years of marriage and three daughters, Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 28, meet regularly for family reunions, as evidenced by many pictures on the Cloth. If each has rebuilt his life – Bruce Willis even had two other daughters with his wife, Emma Heming – the two actors have remained close to the delight of their children. As Christmas is fast approaching, Demi Moore shared a new photo on Tuesday attesting to their complicity, since we see Bruce Willis surrounded by his five daughters, his wife and his ex, posing in front of a huge Christmas tree. . And judging by the hugs and the broad smiles of each, the agreement is in good shape within this merry troop. “We are a family! We are gradually getting into the holiday spirit!” Demi Moore captioned this radiant shot. A warm atmosphere that can only cheer up the morale of Bruce Willis, who is going through a somewhat difficult period. Indeed, the 67-year-old actor announced last March that he had aphasia, a condition which results in a deterioration of his cognitive abilities, leading to comprehension, speech and writing disorders.

Bruce Willis “can’t say much” according to one of his relatives

A friend of Bruce Willis, interviewed by the Radar Online media at the beginning of December, confided in the state of health of the actor. “He can’t say much, and he doesn’t seem to understand much of what other people are saying,” he explains before adding, “There are days when they see glimpses of the old Bruce, but they’re short and far apart. It seems like he’s getting further and further away from them, and it breaks their hearts.” One thing is certain, Bruce Willis can count on his family to help him face this difficult ordeal.

Bruce Willis sick: Demi Moore shares photos of the actor suffering from aphasia, surrounded by his family

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