The news had the effect of a bomb in the cinematographic universe. Bruce Willis has health problems and is forced to stop his career. From this terrible announcement made by Demi Moore, the actor’s ex-wife, on March 30, the messages of support are multiplying with regard to the American star. Sylvester Stallone also took to his Instagram account to send a touching post to the American star. He posted several snaps of him and Bruce Willis along with this caption: “The two of us go way back. I pray you’re doing well and I pray for your wonderful family.”

In this text, Sylvester Stallone refers to the estrangement which separated the two actors several years ago. In 2010, the man who played Rocky directed the first installment of The Expendables, a series of films that brought together several big names in action cinema from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Bruce Willis starred in the first two opuses of the saga. But for the third, relations are strained between the two actors. Bruce Willis would have, in fact, requested 4 million dollars of cachet, that is to say one million per day of shooting. A request which was refused by the production of the film and by Sylvester Stallone. The actor was then replaced by Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone split a scathing tweet against Bruce Willis. “Bruce Willis is coming out…Harrison Ford is coming!!! This is wonderful news. I’ve been waiting for this for years,” he wrote on the social network. And to add: “Greedy and lazy … it’s definitely a way to miss your career.” After this sad news, Sylvester Stallone therefore seems to have buried the hatchet.

Bruce Willis has aphasia

At 67, Bruce Willis suffers from aphasia, a cognitive disorder that compromises the ability to express himself and/or understand information. This disease obviously affects the quality of life of the person who suffers from it, impairing communication. The media had repeatedly mentioned the actor’s memory problems. “Bruce Willis would suffer from dementia and use an earpiece so that someone could give him his text right before he said it. I heard that from several people who were involved in several of these films”, had in particular tweeted journalist Dan Przygoda last February.

Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis © FAME PICTURES

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