It was on Wednesday March 30 that the relatives of Bruce Willis announced that he was retiring from active life as an actor. The reason being that the 67-year-old actor was diagnosed with aphasia. It is an aggressive and cognitive disease. “People who have been close to the family for the past twenty years knew this day would come and now see that the inevitable has finally happened, Bruce is stepping away from acting and publicly acknowledging what is happening to him. “, a source told The Sun. “But for Demi Moore and the kids, it’s been an almost eighteen-year journey, from the moment they noticed something was wrong to the moment Bruce finally accepted he had to make a move. transition to civilian life”, according to the source.

The Sun’s exclusive source claimed the actor’s daughters had known about his problem since 2005. “Bruce worked for years with his slowly worsening condition, but it stopped being something to worry about. hide,” the source continues. “Bruce has the full support of Demi Moore, their daughters and his wife Emma for this next step, and no one in the family has been caught off guard,” according to the insider.

Bruce Willis worked in his state for 20 years

The source highlighted the fact that Bruce Willis held on as long as he could. Moreover, he has the full support of all his relatives and all his family members, according to The Sun. Only, the actor and his family enter a new phase where the well-being of the actor must be the priority. Of course, it is not excluded that the star makes appearances at certain special events. Only, it will entirely depend on his state of his goodwill.

“They’ve had years to prepare for his retirement, and everyone says they’re so proud of Bruce that he was able to work this long after falling ill and dealing with his symptoms,” the source concludes. .

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