Is Bruce Willis a rebel? According to information from Page Six, the 65-year-old actor was fired from a pharmacy this Sunday, January 10 after refusing to wear the mask. While the coronavirus epidemic is very active in California, with more than 12,300 people dead from Covid-19, it seems that the American producer thought he could escape it. According to sources present at the time, Bruce Willis wore a bandana around his neck, which could easily have been pulled up to cover his nose and mouth. Visibly upset to have been picked up by the people of the store, the actor left without having finished his purchases. Photographed by paparazzi, the photos have toured social networks and Internet users have not hesitated to openly criticize the American actor, saying that as a “public figure”, he had to lead by example. Interviewed by People magazine, he would have said that it is an “error in judgment” before saying “Be careful and continue to wear a mask”. So, will he take his own advice next time?

Is the Hollywood actor invincible? This is obviously what he seems to believe. In fact, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, he had chosen to leave his wife Emma Heming Willis and his daughters Mabel (8 years old) and Evelyn (5 years old) in Los Angeles to join his ex-wife Demi Moore. So he stayed in Idaho with her and her daughters Rumer (32), Scout (29) and Tallulah (26). Emma Heming Willis and her children eventually joined them. An initiative normally discouraged since social distancing should be favored. It would seem, however, that for the family, the main thing was to be together. “My mother-in-law had to be in Los Angeles to wait for the results after going to the doctor so my father came here and then the trip went crazy so my mother-in-law stayed in LA with my little sisters,” explained Scout during an interview with the Dopey podcast in June 2020.

Back to basics for Bruce Willis?

According to Daniel Richtman, fan of Hollywood scoops and ComicBook Movie, Bruce Willis could reprise his iconic role of John McClane in the Die Hard saga. Indeed, according to their information, the 65-year-old actor would have been approached to make his comeback in Die Hard 6, which will be released eight years after the fifth installment, Die Hard: Belle Journée pour Mourir (2013). This is not the first time that such a possibility has been mentioned since Fox had announced the preparation of a prequel with Bruce Willis some time ago. The film was to be titled Die Hard Year One and focus on the character’s youth. If this idea quickly abandoned by the Disney studios, will it succeed?

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