Bruce Lee: what did the actor die of at age 32?

In 1973, Bruce Lee was at the height of his fame. Adored by Hollywood and around the world, he was an actor in martial arts films, and was shooting the movie Game of Death, which he also co-wrote and co-directed with Robert Clouse, at the time of his death. A few weeks earlier, he had completed the blockbuster Operation Dragon. This is the last film he finished, and which is still considered a benchmark in the genre today. During the filming, the actor was very thin: he weighed only 55 kilos and he seemed quite tired. He suffered an epileptic seizure two months before his death and had severe headaches for which he was taking pain relievers. The only way for him to soothe crises.

On July 20, 1973, in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee collapsed in the apartment of a friend, actress Betty Ting Pei. Help arrives quickly, but can do nothing: the movie star has succumbed to cerebral edema. After an autopsy, the martial arts ace reportedly had a rare allergic reaction to the pain relievers he was taking for his migraines. Several rumors have spoken of an assassination, but this has never been proven and no serious leads have been taken. Today, some doctors believe the drug had nothing to do with Brandon Lee’s father’s migraine headaches were actually strokes. Another medical examiner told the press that he suspected cortisone abuse at the root of his death: actor Lee had been taking cortisone since 1970 due to a back injury.

Bruce Lee: what did his son, Brandon Lee, die of at 28?

Bruce Lee was buried in Seattle in 1973. At the time of his death, his son Brandon was only 8 years old. Subsequently, he also became an actor in martial arts films. Unfortunately, his career was shattered since on the set of The Crow, when he was 28, he died in tragic circumstances. Indeed, as expected in the script, his partner shot him with the gun from the movie, but it turned out that a dummy bullet got stuck in the barrel of the gun. She hit the actor in the abdomen and he died. He was buried alongside his father in 1993.


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