Bruce Lee: what did his son Brandon suddenly die of at just 28 years old?

Brandon Lee was, like his father, a martial arts addict: an expert in the field. He too wanted to shoot in Kung Fu movies, and become a star in Hollywood. Alas, it is on the set of a film, The Crow that he will find death, on the evening of March 31, 1993. That evening, he shoots a scene where the villain of the film, played by Michael Massee , must shoot him with a gun. He does so: Brandon Lee collapses to the ground, as it is written in the script. Yes but here it is, when the scene is over, the actor remains on the ground. The whole team then thinks he’s making a bad joke. Alas, blood is flowing and everyone realizes quite quickly that the 28-year-old actor has suffered an injury to the abdomen.

Very quickly, Bruce Lee’s son is taken to the hospital by paramedics, but there is nothing more they can do: the bullet, entered the abdomen, passed through the stomach and other vital organs, and s’ is housed near the spine. Brandon Lee died in hospital the same day. After investigation, it is revealed that the dummy bullets of the revolver used for the scene had been replaced by blank bullets, as planned. But then, a dummy bullet got stuck in the barrel of the revolver: it was she who killed Brandon Lee. The actor who “shot” him, Michael Massee, said he was still traumatized by this tragedy.

Brandon Lee: what did his father, Bruce Lee die of?

Bruce Lee died in 1973, when he was only 32, and his son was 8. He died of cerebral edema. According to the autopsy, he had an allergic reaction to a medicine he was taking for headaches. The star of the Kung-Fu films had had several health problems: he suffered from very strong migraines, which prompted him to take painkillers. Today, doctors are wondering if he was having strokes, rather than migraines. He died exactly 20 years before his son, which fueled many rumors (Chinese mafia, argument with a producer) but nothing has ever been proven.


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