Scheduled for 2021, the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz is already the center of attention. And for good reason, the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham is organizing three engagement parties because his mother wants to avoid at all costs an embarrassing clash with Donald Trump and his liberal friends. Indeed, the 21-year-old got engaged last month with actress Nicola Peltz, whose father is businessman Nelson Peltz, a major supporter of the President of the United States. As the father of the bride-to-be plans a party for the young couple at his Palm Beach mansion where Donald Trump and Republicans will be invited, the ex-Spice Girls plan to throw a separate party with her own friends in the Kingdom. -United. For her part, Nicola Peltz will also organize a party for her friends in New York, near her home.

While Victoria Beckham is very angry with this engagement, a source close to the bride-to-be told the US Daily Mail: “There were a lot of logistical issues with Brooklyn and Nicola’s engagement parties. Nicola’s father is friends with Trump and a lot of Republicans, which is the complete opposite of Victoria’s friends. She thinks a lot of her Liberal friends won’t attend a party with Trump, so she’s planning a party in the UK. ” Billionaire, Nelson Peltz organized a fundraiser for Donald Trump last February, and managed to raise $ 9 million! There is no doubt that the latter will therefore not miss the engagement party of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz for the world.

A wedding according to the Jewish tradition

While Brooklyn Beckham’s great-grandfather and Nicola Peltz’s father are both Jewish, the ceremony is expected to involve getting married under a chuppah and signing a ketubah. A source close to the actress revealed to the Daily Mail: “Nicola was raised in a Jewish home and although her mother Claudia is not Jewish, her father Nelson is pious. They raised their children to defend Jewish values. traditional … ”

Brooklyn Beckham: this great fear of Victoria that could ruin her marriage with Nicola Peltz © Instagram

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