It’s one of the most extraordinary weddings this year. Saturday April 9, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz said yes for life. A grandiose union which still cost more than 3.5 million and which took place in Palm Beach in the United States. This Friday, April 29, the eldest of David and Victoria Beckham wanted to reveal a moving shot behind the scenes of his wedding. Indeed, in Instagram story, the young man published a photo in which he appears from the back, dressed in his costume bottom and his white shirt. Opposite him, Diesel Peltz, the brother of his future wife, is adjusting his tie.

A gesture that shows how close the two men are. Indeed, Nicola Peltz’s brother played a fundamental role in the life of Brooklyn Beckham, as he reveals in the caption written on the photo: “Happy birthday my friend. Thank you for bringing my wife back into my life. I love you !”. Indeed, before becoming the husband of the young woman, the Beckham son was first a great friend of his brothers. “We’ve actually known each other for five years. We’ve crossed paths a few times. I was actually friends with two of her brothers, Diesel and Brad, and she didn’t like me,” he replied in a Q&A. answers from the show Couple’s Quiz, broadcast by GQ magazine, last Tuesday, February 15.

Brooklyn Beckham: ‘I showed her I was a gentleman and, you know, she fell in love with me’

Little by little, Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham got to know each other: “And then when we started hanging out together, which was about three Halloweens ago, we had our first kiss. We started hanging out every night and we were driving until seven or eight in the morning. I showed her that I was a gentleman and, you know, she fell in love with me.” A romance that continues in the most beautiful way.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz © Backgrid UK

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