For the Bekcham family, it was a timeless event. Last April, David and Victoria married their son Brooklyn to Nicola Peltz. This ceremony, the lovers had time to prepare it since they were forced to delay it because of the coronavirus pandemic. Result: every detail has been analyzed, especially the outfits of Madame and the meal served to the many guests. And if the newlyweds will never forget this day, it will also remain engraved in the mind of David Beckham. Like the Brooklyn brothers, his father spoke at the end of the dinner to honor the young man and his daughter-in-law. According to Vogue, which exclusively covered the wedding, the ex-footballer multiplied the “witty phrases”, the “touching declarations” … and the more personal jokes.

Because during his speech, David Bekcham admitted that he had very suspicious haircuts throughout the first 24 years of his son … Unlike Victoria Beckham. The ex-athlete also apologized to Brooklyn Beckham for dressing him in a miniature cowboy hat at his wedding in 1999. “I’m sure we still have that hat somewhere,” joked the young married man. But it’s David Beckham’s advice on how to be a great husband that he will remember the longest. “He said to me: ‘The most important thing is to make yourself happy. And to treat your wife like gold'”, explained the young photographer. In front of the guests, David Beckham also thanked the newlyweds for their generosity since they asked that their guests make donations to the Ukrainian fund.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham: Their Wedding Was “Incredible”

In the columns of the British edition of Vogue magazine, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz returned to this great day. “When the world was in confinement, we went through different variations of what a wedding would look like, explained the young woman. We did not know if we should have a small party earlier and then a big party. Finally, we have decided we wanted the big wedding as soon as it was safe to do so. And we’re so glad we did. It was amazing to be in the presence of so many people we love again. ” It was in Palm Beach, Florida, on the domain of the father of the bride, that they invited several hundred people for a wedding that will remain unforgettable for many.

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