A real princess wedding. This Saturday, April 9, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz said “yes” to life in Palm Beach, Florida. In an idyllic setting, the two lovebirds got married in front of an audience of celebrities. Two ceremonies were organized: one Catholic and one Jewish. Yes but now, for the latter, the rabbi has continued to make blunders on blunders. And for good reason: according to information from the Daily Mail, the religious man has repeatedly confused Brooklyn Beckham with his father, the famous footballer, David Beckham.

According to information from our colleagues, all the guests burst out laughing when the rabbi clearly got the wrong person. “Brooklyn would have thought it funny, that even then he was mistaken for his father.” Apparently, whoever led the first religious ceremony confessed to being a huge football fan. These little false notes have in no way altered the beauty of this union. Dressed in a custom dress, signed Valentino, Nicola Peltz was breathtaking. While the wedding was expected to cost around £3million, many sources say the union would have actually cost £15million.

This very special gift, offered by David Beckham

A total of 500 guests made the trip. Among them, chef Gordon Ramsay, actress Eva Longoria and world tennis star Venus Williams. Very beautiful people therefore made the trip for this union, which was notably marked by the very special gift from David Beckham to the newlyweds. Indeed, the former football international offered them a Jaguar XK140 dated 1954. In total, he would have spent more than 350,000 pounds sterling. An extraordinary present for a ceremony that it was just as much.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz © OLIVIER BORDE

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